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Azalea Japonica or Japenese Azalea, is a compact, evergreen shrub in the Rhododendron family, which can work well in beds, borders, or containers with acidic conditions.


Azaleas bloom from late Spring to early Summer, usually between April - June and prefer bright sun or partially shaded locations. They require acidic soil so we recommend planting them with ericaceous compost.


Azalea Japonica 'Geisha Orange’

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This plant prefers full sun or partial shade in a sheltered location.
Grow up to 0.1 – 1M in height and has a spread of 0.1 – 1M.
Blooms from April – June and prefers chalk, loam or sand for soil conditions. Ensure soil is always moist but well-drained. Requires acidic soil.