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Begonia 'Papaya' is a shade loving begonia with vibrant orange, small blooms that cascade from its attractive lush green foliage. These stunning, tropical coloured plants boast small, bright flowers and look beautiful in pots, baskets & containers.


A hardy shade loving Begonia with eye-catching orange blooms! This selection of hardy Begonia sutherlandii is ideal in a shaded area, and produces tiny bulbils along its stems helping it to reproduce and come back bigger and better every year. The blooms really work to brighten dark areas of the garden. 


Begonia 'Papaya'


Plant your new bedding plants in a good quality compost and make sure to keep well watered. Plant in a sheltered spot out of any direct wind and out of harsh direct afternoon sunlight. Bedding plants are an annual feature of your garden and need to be replaced every year.