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'Constance Eliott' is a vigorous evergreen climbing plant growing up to 8m, with deeply lobed leaves and star-shaped white flowers with contrasting purple style-branches, in late summer and autumn


This blue passion flower is a vigorous, trouble-free climber that thrives in hot summers and will quickly cover a sunny wall or fence. Ideal for a tropical planting scheme, it grows best at the base of a sheltered wall in full sun, although it will tolerate some shade. The fruit are edible when fully ripe, but not very tasty!


Constance Elliot Passionflower 'Passiflora Caerulea'

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Choose three to five of the strongest shoots, tying them in to horizontal wires. Once the plant is established, cut back the flowered shoots immediately after flowering to within two or three buds of the permanent framework of the plant. In spring remove dead, misplaced or overcrowded stems.


This climber is semi-evergreen, so it can lose some of its leaves in winter. In colder regions or more exposed gardens, it may lose them all, but then fresh new foliage appears again in spring.