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Echincacea MOOODZ® is a compact , efficient crop. This rich flowering variety will offer countless bright pink flowers!


“The MOOODZ® Series is a series of fast flowering Echinacea from tissue culture”


These TC-raised plants are more voluminous and create more flower buds compared to Echinacea from seeds. These uniform varieties don’t require vernalisation. MOOODZ® is easy branching, offers strong colours, a high flower quality and adapts well under different light intensities. MOOODZ® attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies.


Echinacea are erect, clump-forming rhizomatous perennials with simple or pinnately lobed leaves and solitary, long-stalked daisies with prominent conical central disks and often drooping ray florets; attractive to butterflies

Echinacea 'Mooodz Pink’


Grow in fertile, humus rich, well drained soil in full sun. Take care when propagating by divison or root cuttings as they resent a lot of disturbance.


Deadhead to extend flowering, these plants are generally pest and disease free.