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Toprose is much more than an ordinary fertiliser. Apart from the three essential plant foods - nitrogen, phosphate and potash - it contains iron and magnesium to guard against nutrient deficiency and prevent premature leaf drop and discolouring. Ideal for all types of roses and can aslo be used around any other flowering or foliage shrubs in the garden.

Bayer Garden Toprose Rose And Shrub Feed 1kg

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Established roses and shrubs
Apply evenly to the soil around the plants and hoe lightly. Keep off stems and leaves. Water if the soil is dry. Only two applications are needed for a complete season's feeding.

New roses and shrubs
You can put in bare-rooted plants between late October and March. The groud must be neither frozen or waterlogged. Container-grown plants can be put in at any time of year provided the soil condition is suitable.