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Doff® Multi Purpose Lawn Seed is great for establishing new lawns or renovating existing areas. This quality seed mixture will give a superb, hard wearing lawn. It is an ideal mixture for over seeding in Spring & Autumn. It is disliked by birds, has a higher rate of germination and is covered by PROCOAT – a micro nutrient coating designed to improve both accurate seed placement and initial growth establishment. This conveniently sized 500g packet will cover up to 20 square metres of lawn.


Best times to sow are Spring to late Summer/early Autumn. If you are seeding at other times, be prepared to touch up thin or bare spots as needed.


  • Easy to sow in all conditions
  • Gives a superior lawn finish with a lush green colour
  • Direct Sow
  • Higher rate of germination
  • Requires less water to perform
  • Quick to establish
  • With PROCOAT for increased performance
  • 500g covers up to 20m²


Doff Multi-Purpose Lawn/Grass Seed 20SQ M


Packed in the UK
Box & contents is 500g