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Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato Food is the country’s favourite liquid plant food for tomatoes, enriched with seaweed extract. It is ideal for tomatoes, vegetables and flowering pot plants and produces top quality, full flavoured tomatoes.



Q1: When do I start feeding my tomatoes?

A1: If your plants are in a greenhouse, start feeding when the first truss of tomatoes (stem with small green fruits) has set. If outdoors, start feeding when the second truss has set.


Q2: Can I use Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato Food on my strawberries?

A2: Yes, you can use it on strawberries and on other plants where liquid feeding is required. Use at the diluted rate recommended on the bottle.


Q3: What is the coverage?

A3: The coverage per each pack size is as follows: 500ml Concentrate = makes 113 litres, 1 litre Concentrate = makes 225 litres, 2.5 litres Concentrate = makes 563 litres.

Levington® Tomorite® Concentrated Tomato Food 500ML


Net Weight: 550g