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Introducing our JUMBO 3 in 1 Festival Colours Bedding Pots, a brilliant variety of bedding plants to effortlessy add colour to your border or brighten up a pot, basket or trough, for a great price!


This pot includes: 1 x dark blue Lobelia, 1 x light blue Lobelia & 1 x white Lobelia.


Our trailing Lobelia is a spreading tender perennial, grown as an annual with tiny leaves and masses of small white or blue flowers. It is an incredibly popular bedding plant for the edges of your containers and flowers from late Spring until Autumn.

Lobelia Trailing Jumbo 3 in 1 Festival Pot

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Plant your new bedding plants in a good quality compost and make sure to keep well watered. Plant in a sheltered spot out of any direct wind and out of harsh direct afternoon sunlight. Bedding plants are an annual feature of your garden and need to be replaced every year.