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At Dragonfly, our goal is to offer the pinnacle of outdoor living. With our designer portfolio created for inclusive open air cooking, we’re transforming outside spaces into stylish centres for social occasions. Straight from rural Italy, the Firenza is the essence of finding joy in the simple things in life. Built for a collective food experience, the Firenza reinvents al fresco time with family and friends.


The Firenza’s fire bowl is made from Nero black powder-coated steel. Its plinth base comes in either Nero black powder-coated steel or Corten steel depending on model. These materials are extremely resistant to corrosion. With the optional grill and solid oak ring removed, and appropriate steps having been taken to protect the plancha plate, the Firenza can be left outdoors for extensive periods without weathering.


Elliptical Cooking Control

The Firenza’s plancha plate is also elliptical. This shaping results in greater variation in temperature across the surface, offering a more controlled cooking experience. To whip up a seafood frenzy, try flash-frying fillets of succulent sea bass at the centre of the plate, while gently searing melt-in-the-mouth lobster tails around its edge!


Circumferent Air Flow

Featuring an elevated plancha plate, the Firenza’s innovative design results in an optimised air current around its circumference. Combustion air is drawn in from beneath the plate, right to the flames!


Concave Plancha Plate

Our 10mm plancha plates are precision-pressed to be subtly concave, helping to channel any excess fats into your fire bowl.


Optional Grill
The Firenza’s grill attachment offers tantalising cooking options. Chargrill delicious vegetables, toast fresh ciabatta, or flame-grill a juicy steak for flavours that only come from cooking over live fire!


Optional Solid Oak Ring
The solid oak ring is a stunning accessory that transforms your Firenza into a social dining space. Gather your friends to cook, eat and drink together, sat around the fire!


Optional Covers

Protect your plancha plate from the elements with ease with one of our rainproof covers. We recommend storing both our solid oak rings and grill attachments indoors when not in use. However, Large Wooden Ring Covers are also available, which accommodate the rings and are suitable for shorter periods and moderate climates.


Dragonfly Firenza 1000W Barbeque Plancha

PriceFrom £2,595.0