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Durstons John Innes composts are a blend of screened and sterilised loam, peat and lime-free grit sand. The traditional mix for sowing most kinds of seeds. It can also be used for rooting soft cuttings.


This product contains the right level of nutrients specifically tailored to a plant’s nutritional requirement at that time.


Durstons is a family owned business with over 150 years of experience, hard work, constant evolution and development, which has led to Durstons reputation for quality and service being recognised throughout the United Kingdom. These core strengths allow Durstons to provide the needs of customers across the entire field of the modern garden products business in a variety of retail outlets. Durstons strictly adhere to best practice techniques in extraction of peat. Our environmentally aware policy includes a comprehensive after-use restoration programme which creates areas of natural regeneration and habitat for wildlife!


100% Recyclable*

Increasingly, gardeners are making purchasing decisions based on ecological criteria. That’s why we’ve highlighted our 100% recyclable policy in a prominent position on the pack fronts of our new compost range; concerned consumers can be confident that they are making the right choice. Durston Garden Products Ltd only work with suppliers who can offer a range of sustainable and renewable packaging solutions. The bags in which our products are packed are not made of laminated polythene, so therefore they are totally 100% RECYCLABLE! *

*Where facilities exist

Durstons John Innes Seed Compost 25L